Ohio police officer fired for lying at another department

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EUCLID, Ohio -- As the Euclid Police Department investigates Officer Michael Amiott for excessive force, a stain from his past comes front and center.

Newly released documents from the city of Mentor, Ohio revealed that Officer Amiott was forced to resign from the Mentor Police Department for lying on a police report.

An internal review was launched after Amiott changed his story twice when he was asked why he pulled over a vehicle in 2014. He initially reported that the car was swerving, but dash cam footage revealed a different story.

Mentor Police Chief Kevin Knight wrote "after reviewing the internal investigation, I made the determination that Amiott made a false statement in his report."

Amiott asked if he could "just resign" after he was told that he would be fired.

Even though Euclid police were fully aware about Amiott's incident before he was hired, they allowed him on the force, but after the excessive force video went viral, his time with the department may be limited.

The community is demanding answers from Euclid police.