Thousands flock to Graceland to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death

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MEMPHIS, Tennessee - Forty years ago today, the world was all shook up over the death of Elvis Presley.   He was just 42.

Thousands lined the streets of Memphis to bid a final farewell to the King of Rock and Roll, then, and after four decades, he's still attracting crowds to his Memphis estate as mourners from all over the world pay their respects.

Remembering Elvis isn't free anymore. This year, for security reasons, it costs $28.75. That gets you a blue wristband and the opportunity to walk through the meditation garden and past his grave.

Tuesday night's candlelight vigil at Graceland drew thousands. By week's end, it's anticipated roughly 50,000 will have visited his former home.  Multiple generations can't help falling in love with his larger than life personality and musical talent.

Those who believe Elvis has not left the building may be right!  This evening, he will perform on stage with a full symphony orchestra in Memphis.  Actually, Elvis will be on the big screen as the musicians play some of his biggest hits and fan-favorites.  Tickets for the anniversary concert cost up to $300.

Very few people have the charisma to remain as popular in death as they were in life.  And that's why Elvis is the king.