Caught on Camera: Man pushes baby around in stroller while allegedly breaking into cars

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RICHMOND, Virginia - Police in Virginia are looking for an unusual crook: a baby!

Yeah, this baby is apparently part of car burglary ring.

A dude was caught on camera pushing around a baby in a stroller at 4 a.m. along a dark alley with parked cars.

Authorities say there has been a rash of early-morning car break-ins in the area-- and now it looks like they can see why.

Police think the guy uses the baby as a distraction while he scans an area for cars to break into.

Cops believe he has an accomplice who then goes in to do the dirty work. Another man is seen pulling door handles and rummaging through vehicles.

Come on, y'all! Who takes a baby along on a crime spree?!

They say some crimes begin with baby steps, but this is ridiculous!

"I just think it's a shame that they can't get a job, and earn some legitimate money," one of the car burglary ring's victims, Barbara Given, said.

At this point, authorities just want to find that baby.

Because the guy walking him has a lot of 'splainin' to do!