Wish granted: 9-year-old Cameron Gooch becomes Astro for a day!

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HOUSTON - Throughout Cameron Gooch's battle with pediatric cancer, baseball has been one of his bright spots, specifically the Houston Astros.

"They're my favorite team, because they're doing real well this year, and I live around here," Gooch said. "They've been motivating me a lot."

The 9-year-old from The Woodlands had his Make-a-Wish request come true on Thursday when he became an Astro for the day.

"Baseball's been the thing that lets him be a regular kid through all this stuff that's been really really hard," said Cameron's mom, Emmie.

Astros pitcher Will Harris showed Cameron around the clubhouse and hung out with him in the dugout.

"Cam's got a great personality," Harris said. "He walked right in the clubhouse, shaking everybody's hand, looking everyone in their eyes. It's been impressive. He's not intimidated."

"Thank you to Make-a-Wish, and to the Astros for making this happen and for understanding how important baseball can be to a little boy," Emmie added.

Cameron wrapped up his pregame activities by joining manager AJ Hinch in taking the lineup card to the umpires.