Clear Creek ISD students, teachers get phenomenal first day with solar Eclipse

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HOUSTON — The wait is finally over; it's back to school for Clear Creek ISD students and teachers!

Parents and students filled the halls Monday, excited to get back in the groove of lost early-morning routines.

"Waking up a 6 in the morning is not something I look forward to, but I have four kids, so lunches get packed the night before," mother Stephanie Kennedy-Enriquz said. "I'm on auto-pilot. I wake up, get the kids up feed and dressed them, and we're off to school."

Ms. Spence of Ed White Elementary showed us around her classroom and shared first day learning plans.

For the most part, the children are all about learning. But Monday's Solar Eclipse has their sites set on something out of this world.

"I'm really excited because the next one is in 300 years, and I am really looking forward to it," 5th grader Blake Polsen said.

At least the second day of school is tomorrow and not light years away. Enjoy the new school year, kids!