Some astrologers predict ‘fire and fury’ in days ahead after total solar eclipse

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HOUSTON - While millions watched the Great American Solar Eclipse on Monday wearing protective eye wear, little did we know we may need a lot more protection! That's because some astrologers are predicting this solar eclipse could unleash some bad things for our country!

"Sometimes you'll see astrologers or people make very dire predictions like that, I don't think that at all," local astrologer Kevin Casey shared. "Nothing as dire as a war."

However, President Trump may need to watch out.

"So, there could be some health issues that could come up for him over the coming months," Casey said.

Some zodiac signs may need to watch their back as well!

"Maybe Scorpio-- because Leo makes a difficult aspect to Scorpio, and uh, the other one would be Taurus," Casey predicted.

If your zodiac sign is Leo, Aquarius, Aries, or Sagittarius, then things could be really looking up for you all!

So how long will the effects of the eclipse are predicted to last?

"They can last anywhere from six months to a year," Casey added.

In general, astrologers say an eclipse does something 'big' to most folks.

Casey said, "(People) will probably be seeing themselves pushed out of their comfort zones, into some new beginnings. So, it's kind of like it gives us a little kick in the pants and sometimes that's not so comfortable."

Last year, NASA called out astrology as "not science," so a lot of people don't believe all the fire and fury predictions, but you might want to keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case!