Two 8-year-old children die from gunshots in two states; one is gang-related, the other accidental

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GAFFNEY, South Carolina - Two more young lives were cut short on Sunday because of guns in the wrong hands.

In South Carolina, police are still searching for whomever is responsible for the barrage of gunfire that broke the Sunday morning silence in this Gaffney neighborhood.  A stray bullet hit a sleeping 8-year-old in the head, killing her.

"It just don't make no sense," says a grieving neighbor.

Police blame gang violence for Kamryn Bradley`s untimely death. Neighbors say the bullet holes and broken glass they see are nothing compared to the images they can`t forget.

"When we was outside," says Fred Corry, Jr. "We saw like the victim that got shot just blood all on her chest and whatever, and it was a terrifying moment."

In Tennessee, another 8-year-old is dead after accidentally shooting himself in the chest. The incident left neighbors shocked.

Tragically, DeAndre Wilhite is the third Memphis child in three days to be a gunshot victim. In each case, the child pulled the trigger.  On Friday, a 4-year-old girl survived after shooting herself in the neck. Then on Saturday, a 4-year-old boy died after he shot himself in the chest.  Police blame adults for children getting their hands on guns.

According to the Safe Tennessee Project, Memphis leads the nation in unintentional shootings of children.  No matter where you live, authorities say if you own a gun, lock it up!!  Before another young person`s future is lost because of a gun they never should have gotten hold of in the first place.