10-year-old saves family after mom has seizure while driving in Atascocita

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ATASCOCITA, Texas — A horrific crash may have been avoided Wednesday after a young boy guided his mother’s car to safety when the the woman experienced a seizure while driving down northwest Houston road, authorities said.

Investigators said the child’s mother, Jennifer Bass, was driving westbound on FM 1960 near Timber Forest when she started to have a seizure.  Bass’ children, a 10-year-old boy named Leam and her daughter, were sitting in the backseat. The son noticed the car was headed into a ditch and jumped into action.

Officers said the ditch was protected with a wrought-iron fence that boarded a retention pond. The depth of the pond hasn’t been reported, but the drop would have been more than 10 feet.

Leam immediately climbed over the back seat and reached for the steering wheel — guiding the car on the road for a short time. However, the mother’s foot was still on the accelerator.

The child steered the the car into a Shipley Donut parking lot, where his mother mother’s foot fell of the accelerator. Although the woman’s foot was off the gas pedal, Leam was unable to reach the brakes. He steer the car— which was about about to crash into the doughnut shop — into a handicap parking spot where it came to a complete stop after hitting a signage pole.

Bass was taken to the hospital in stable condition. The woman’s mother-in-law said Bass has never had a seizure before.