Residents in historically flood-prone areas fear what Harvey may bring

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HOUSTON - As hurricane Harvey barrels towards the southeast Texas coast, the fear of flooding weighs heavy on those who have lived through this before.

On the west side of Houston, the Bear Creek Village neighborhood got hit hard during the Tax Day flood of 2016.

“I know Jack's redone his house twice,” Gil Parks said about his neighbor across the street.

Parks knows the routine at this point. His street gathers water in a heavy rain without tropical strength.

“I'm just waiting, waiting for it to come,” he added with a sigh.

The Army Corps of Engineers manage the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs, and officials provided a glimmer of hope.

“The reservoirs are in excellent condition right now. They are dry the way we like to see them on a normal basis. So we have the full capacity of the reservoirs, predictions from this rain will put a large pool in both these reservoirs but we think at this time, we'll be able to handle them without any issue,” said Natural Resource Management Specialist U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Richard Long.

And they're ready with rocks to be used as ballast for any damn breach, and 60 – 80,000 sand bags, just in case.

From the west side all the way south to Matagorda.

“I’m not worried about breaking glass, that’s my least worry, it’s getting water in the house and it doing a lot of damage,” said resident Gary Kulhanek.

With rainfall averages projected anywhere from 12 to 20 inches, and extreme instances of even 30 inches expected, folks hope that Harvey 'gets a move on quick' once he hits land.   After a storm surge, sustained rainfall is what really hurts.

“I don’t wanna take those chances, the way they’re talking about it and all,” shared Michelle Kulhanek.

Even so, not everyone is consumed with the imminent disaster. Some folks came in just for Harvey’s waves -- all the way from Austin!

“I just wanted to sur. I was told there was an evacuation, but it wasn’t mandatory,” said Donna Isabel.

Hunker down folks, we're in for a wet one, and by all means -- be safe.

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