Officials worried people will overlook pets in scramble to prepare for Hurricane Harvey

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HOUSTON - With Hurricane Harvey setting its tracks on Texas, it's not just people who should be worried about the potentially devastating storm.  Don't forget about pets, too!

"If you are in a place where you have to evacuate and it's not a safe place for you to stay, please remember that it's not safe for your pets, either," Houston SPCA Director of Communications Julie Kuenstle said.

Experts say you should put together a storm survival kit for your pet--- just like we do for humans.

It should include "food, water, of course, their water bowl, you want to make sure that you bring their collar, make sure they have updated pet tags, also make sure you have current vaccinations-- and proof of that," Kuenstle added. "Print it out. Get it from your vet. Put it in a waterproof bag."

Pet owners should be aware that if they try to send their pets to a kennel,  proof of vaccinations are required in order to be admitted.

"Especially if you're out of town and you go to another veterinarian office-- or you go to a pet-friendly lodging, they're gonna make sure that your animal has their rabies vaccination and has their shots, so that's super important," Kuenstle warned.

Having a pet crate with towels or blankets and favorite toys helps, too.

You can find a complete check list of items for your pets on the Houston SPCA website.

Still, large farm animals need help, too.

"Be proactive," Kuenstle said. "Think about flood waters. Have a plan in place, and move those animals to a safe place."

Remember, our furry friends rely on us to keep them safe and sound.

Let's not let them down!

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