Hometown Heroes: Sophomore stud Ed Oliver doesn’t horse around on defense

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HOUSTON - Just a sophomore, Ed Oliver is one of the biggest names in all of college football, named to 13 preseason award watch lists.

"If a team decides to put all the pressure on me, and use up two to three guys, and run away from me, you're going to lose," Oliver said. "Point, blank, period, you're gonna lose. The team is more than me, so if you want to do that, you're shooting yourself in the foot."

Oliver is quick to credit his teammates for his success. He's used to the extra attention, having been one of the top recruits in the country coming out of Westfield High School.

Here's something you might not know though.

"Football wasn't my first love, actually, I fell in love with horses," Oliver said.

From the time he was eight years old, Oliver worked with horses. Going into his teenage years though, he realize football could be something bigger.

"When I got my first offer I was like, hold on now, I could go to college and do this, so when I got that it put things in perspective."

Now, Oliver will try to build on his success from his freshman year. Last season, he finished second nationally with 23 tackles for loss.

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