Post-Hurricane Harvey, social media slams Texas Rangers for not being nearly as charitable as Dallas Cowboys

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ARLINGTON, Texas – The Texas Rangers are getting slammed on social media about as hard as Houston got slammed by Hurricane Harvey.  The Rangers refused to switch the home game series against the Astros.

According to Astros president Reid Ryan, the ‘stros proposed the teams play the first series this week in Arlington and the second match-up at Minute Maid in late September.  Given the catastrophic effects of the hurricane on the Bayou City, the proposal seemed so charitable. So hospitable. Sort of what Texas is known for.  But the Rangers refused to play ball.

According to Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels, “We didn’t feel it was right to give our fans 24 hours notice that their tickets in late September were now good this week.”

In other words, he didn’t want Ranger fans to be inconvenienced.   That seems wrong on so many levels.

Twitter went nuts:

“The Rangers have just become the most classless, selfish organization in all of sports.”

“They really wouldn’t switch? What a Bush league move.”

One tweeter thinks the Rangers should remove Texas from their jerseys.

Astros starting pitcher Lance McCullers, Jr. was really ticked off.  “Classy as always,” he tweeted, saying the Rangers should be ashamed and called them greedy.

Rather than giving the Rangers home-field advantage for both series, the Astros opted to be the home team at Tropicana Field in Florida this week.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texans are getting the opposite treatment from the other Dallas home team.  While the Texans continue to show concern and love for their hometown, they are still practicing in Frisco and will just stay in Cowboy territory.

The preseason game against the Cowboys will now be played at A T & T Stadium in Arlington on Thursday, rather than NRG where it was scheduled.

Everybody understands rivalries in sports. But in this tale of professional Texas teams, only three of the four seem to be playing nicely.