83-year-old whose Third Ward home was flooded with nearly 4 feet of water says things could always be worse

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HOUSTON -- Not much upsets Robert Muse at 83 years old. Not even after his Third Ward home, just blocks away from Brays Bayou, was flooded with nearly four feet of water.

"Most of the time I feel calm. The reason being, there's no reason in upsetting my old self," Muse said.

Muse, who has slight dementia, was at home when the water started coming in.

His daughter, Robette Carter, said she's glad they were able to get him out just in time.

"I rushed over and the neighbor across the street was able to help me rescue him. At the end of it all, we were just grateful that we were able to get him out," Carter said.

The cleanup process is a tedious one -- from getting rid of the stuff that was damaged, down to the smell, and the little bits of debris that just don't seem to go away.

"It wasn't as bad as the damage we sustained from Allison. But there was a bad stench from the wet carpet, he has puckered floors, some damage to some furniture, insects and little bits of debris and bark everywhere," Carter said.

"I try to keep insurance and stuff because things can happen and will happen, so I try to stay prepared," Muse said.

But through all the devastation in the place he's called home since 1976, Robert keeps a smile on his face, because at his age, he said things could always be worse.

"There's always some way to recuperate as long as you are alive," Muse said.

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