LeBleu Bottled Water in Davie County sending thousands of bottles to Texas after destruction of Harvey

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ADVANCE, N.C.  — LeBleu Bottled Water packaged 48,000 bottles Tuesday for flood victims in Texas.

“For us we saw a need,” said Wes Cromer with Le Bleu. “We had the opportunity to help and said what can we do so we are trucking down as much water as we can today.”

The company is filling two tractor-trailer loads with Truliant Credit Union carrying one of the truck loads.

“We’ve got a relief organization down there called Hearts with Hands,” said Cromer. “They are out of Asheville and so we’ve partnered with them.”

This isn’t the first time the company has helped, most recently helping Hurricane Matthew victims in eastern North Carolina.

“We are a faith based organization,” he said. “It really tugs on our heart because we know there are a lot of struggling people there and so the small ways we can help, we are going to do it.”

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