Texans back home after NFL cancels preseason game with the Cowboys

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HOUSTON -- For the Houston Texans, family comes before football— and the team is finally back in H-town with their families and to help the city recover from tropical storm Harvey!

"You know, football's important, and we're gonna get back to football here pretty soon, there's no doubt about that. But right now, family's a priority," Texans head coach Bill O'Brien commented.

With the team stuck in Dallas practicing for Thursday night's final preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys, watching the devastation left behind by Harvey was just too much to bear.

The NFL decided to cancel Thursday's game so the team could return to Houston.

In a statement, the Texans announced, "At this time, the priority of our organization is getting our players, coaches and staff back home to be reunited with their families, many of whom have been evacuated from their homes and are currently sheltered."

"This is unprecedented. This has never happened before in this city, and I think family's always a priority," O'Brien added.

Before heading out of Dallas, Texans defensive end JJ Watt shared his fund raising goal for Harvey relief is now set at $10 million.

"We've all seen what's happened," Watt announced. "We just passed the $6 Million mark on the fundraiser. I've upped the goal to $10 million because everything's bigger in Texas-- and why not? Shoot for $10 Million; see what we can do."

Texans GM Rick Smith says the Cowboys were very understanding about the game cancellation, and he praised the Jones family for all their personal assistance in helping the team during this difficult week.

Perhaps Smith put it best, saying "Houston is hurting and the entire region is hurting...there's just so much devastation in the city and the region that we want to be a part of that recovery process."

After watching so many rescues on television, O’Brien said, “It’s really what it’s all about to be a human being, to be honest with you, is to help each other.”

At the end of the day, our football heroes are people, too.

And now they are back home dealing with the storm's aftermath like all the rest of us.

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