Texas nursing homes team up to take care of displaced residents

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AUSTIN —Texas nursing home staff are working overtime to ensure residents are safe and well-cared for despite flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

According to the Texas Health Care Association, residents have been evacuated from over 95 nursing and assisted living facilities along the Gulf Coast to inland nursing facilities or other locations.

With the help of families and local communities, long-term care providers are taking care of residents from other facilities in the region despite much difficulty.

“It is humbling to hear the reports of staff working around-the-clock to care for the residents, putting these men and women before their own needs, despite their own losses,” said Kevin Warren, President and CEO of THCA. “Times like these really do reveal the true character of people, and I am proud to be a part of the long term care industry and to see the incredible efforts on display.”

THCA said they have been supporting statewide outreach efforts in coordination with state officials to locate any available beds for additional evacuations, should the need arise. The organization is setting up a hurricane relief fund through their foundation in effort to assist their members’ employees that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

“The health and safety of the residents is the number one priority for these long term care communities,” Warren said. “Any support and coordination with the state agencies, the business community and volunteers that we can offer, while they work tirelessly, we’re committed to figure out a way to make it happen.”


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