The Toyota Center opens for shelter, downtown damage control

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HOUSTON -- The Toyota Center is opening for shelter!  “We’re pulling people from the GRB shelter to this facility that have no medical needs, no pets, easy to care for, families… we’re not accepting any donations at this location,” said Jesse Bounds, the coordinator for the City of Houston.

That’s a problem a lot of giving Houstonians are running into-- not finding a place to drop off their donations.

A lot of folks have taken to using a crowd sourced map that’s gone viral, with locations of area shelters across the Houston area, with what their needs are, and a phone number to make sure those needs are up to date.

On the opposite side of downtown, the work continues to try to get the water out.  Some of these businesses had 10 feet of water inside. The pumps are working overtime.

And Buffalo Bayou still rages through areas of downtown, which for the most part is pretty deserted.

“It’s like a ghost town, I see cars here and there, I see a lot of people walking around just checking out the damage, and what’s happened the last few days,” said Doug Lee as he snaps a photo of University of Houston Downtown.

Some of Houston’s newly homeless are trying to stay in high spirits. Cohen Fredrick lost the home he was staying in near Spring and was evacuated to Houston, but this isn’t his first encounter with the fury of mother nature. He moved to Houston from Bastrop.

“2011 and 2014 we had wildfires, my house burnt down in both of those... I have to keep my mind state happy and positive and optimistic if I’m going to get through any of this type of stuff… the first of the month my peoples are going to get me a bus ticket back home, and then I’ll be good from there,” he shared.