Hurricane Harvey brings 2 alligators to backyard of NewsFix employee’s Lake Olympia home

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HOUSTON — Talk about a close encounter! A CW 39 NewsFix employee got a couple of “unwelcome visitors” who were just a few feet away from entering her patio. Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, two alligators got uncomfortably close to Arlene Kelsch’s Lake Olympia home, and had open access to her backyard.

The rising floodwaters made it “easy as pie” for the gators to cross on over the iron fence and have a “looksie” around, if they pleased.

Kelsch whipped out her cellphone to capture video and described her experience as the gators lurked around her property.

“So here’s the gator moving along. You can see him just kind of taking his time. He’s inside the fence again,” Kelsch narrated.

She then showed part of the fence where the gator was able to get through. That’s when she discovered that gator was not alone.

“Now it looks like it’s not only him, but now him!” she exclaimed. “So not too far from just climbing on into the backyard and getting right here into the patio.”

Well, Kelsch followed the standard “do not feed the animals” rule and did not invite them to dinner.  Kelsch said not only did the gators try to get in, but some frogs attached themselves to her window, apparently needing a little Harvey relief.

“They were all over the window. On the day we were evacuating, one had somehow got inside and jumped over my feet!” she said.

There is a bright spot to these scaly tales, Kelsch reunited with a longtime friend during the storm whom she hasn’t seen since junior high. The two rode out the remainder of the storm together, reptile- and amphibian- free.

Now, people are now reaching out to Kelsch from all over the world.

“I’ve been looking to move to Italy, and now that this storm has taken place, it’s more encouragement for me to pack my bags — gators excluded — and head to Milan,” she said.

Well, we would hate to see her go, but “Ciao Bella gator babe!”


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