Simon Says: Here’s the best advice after ‘Harvey’ — you can’t second guess!

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HOUSTON -- Where do you start?   Every word, adjective and expression has been used by someone else already so I won’t go there.

I do know this: Houston is great city. It’s a part of me, and I have no doubt the “H” in H-Town won’t be connected to ‘Harvey’ one day. Nope, the ‘H” will stand for “Hero” because no one can second guess the character of everyone running things.

But when it comes to second guessing, Harvey HAS brought out the naysayers and from around the country.

After the storm, it was easy for so many to ask –why didn’t the city evacuate?   (The right call by the way.)

After the storm, it was easy for so many to call Joel Osteen a zero for not opening Lakewood Church

Osteen had it right when he said on CNN, “If you let social media run your life, you’ll never do anything.”

You ever notice we’re good at ‘second guessing’?  It only takes a second to bash someone after hard decisions are made. Try sitting in someone’s shoes when decisions could mean life or death.

It’s hard to make that kind of call. It’s easy to point a finger.

When people are tired and exhausted from doing difficult things, take a deep breath before you rip ‘em.

Like anything in life, it’s always better to speak your mind with a cool head.

When it comes to a disaster like Harvey, leave the emotion to the victims and out of your rant.

And for the next weeks and months, if you think your life sucks because you’re inconvenienced by your boss or your kids are a pain-in-the-neck, take another deep breath and look at people in Houston whose life is hard right now.

Ironically, that’s advice no one could ever second guess!

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