Critter News: Llama on the lamb, a cute baby rhino, new lynx cubs, and some stylish chickens crossing the road

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JACKSON, New Hampshire - Some critters just love to crash a golf course.

But golfers weren't exactly ready for what they spotted on this course in New Hampshire!

"A lot of them are locals or members who are used to seeing wildlife... but not a llama," Eagle Mountain Golf Club's Adam Mosston said.

Yep, that's 'Noir the llama'.....who was a llama on the lamb!

"Sweet as can be, but he's very protective of this gaggle of ducks," Jackson Police Chief Chris Perley pointed out.

Yeah, and it isn't everyday you spot a llama chasing a bear!

"Llamas apparently are very protective by when the bear comes around, the llama jumps the fence or breaks through the fence. It's undetermined how he's getting out, but he gets out pretty quick," Chief Perley explained.

"The bear was running so the llama must lay down the law pretty well," the chief added.

"The llama was bigger than I expected and had a look in its eye that was a little scary," Mosston recalled.

"You have to touch him and kind of give him a hug," Jackson police officer Ryan McDonald advised. "Otherwise, he's game on still and he's going to try and run away from you."

Yeah, somehow officers brought 'Noir the llama' to justice....safely back home.

Guess that bear was the one that got away!

Meanwhile.....take a look at this cute little bundle of joy.

This baby black rhino calf is named 'Kendi'....and was born in July at the Cincinnati Zoo.

That's the same zoo that's home to 'Fiona the hippo,' but looks like she's got some company there now.

Little Kendi has been venturing out to meet his adoring public.....and so far, he seems to like what he sees! cute are these little critters?

These Iberian lynx cubs are just adorable and live in some remote parts of Spain.

Some rare glimpses of the cubs are seen here...including when their mom hid them in a hollow log.

But they were caught on camera....well, trying to attack the camera!

Looks like the lynx cubs won, too!

Finally.....why did these chickens cross the road?

Well, who cares?!

As long as these chicks have these reflective safety least they are less likely to end up as 'fried chicken!'

See, these hens live at this stylish bed and breakfast in Scotland, but since they have a tendency to cross the road......their owners wanted to make sure they don't get hit.

So, as you can see.....they're not playing chicken!

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