Houston firefighters from Station #44 host a barbecue for residents in their flooded community

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HOUSTON --  Firefighters from Station #44 on Houston`s east side have added to their usual slogan.  Just for today their motto is: Courage. Commitment. Compassion. And... cook?

"Just doing our job alone wasn`t enough," says Bucky Glenn. "We wanted to do something a little extra."

Nothing little about this, though! After all, this is Texas! On their day off, volunteers from Station #44 cooked up 500 pounds of chicken, 170 pounds of sausage, and all the fixin`s for today`s special firehouse barbecue.  "I had a lot of donations from Sam`s Club and HEB. And what wasn`t covered by that we paid for out of our pockets and I was able to collect some small donations, also," Glenn said.

As first responders, the firefighters proved their courage, rescuing one flood victim after another during Hurricane Harvey.  "I`ve seen peoples` homes decimated and everything they own was lost," says Glenn.

This area was hit pretty hard. Firefighter Glenn says about 80 percent of the homes had several feet of water.  He and his fellow firefighters showed commitment to their community by taking no breaks during the storm."They`re broken right now. They`ve lost everything. They don`t know which direction to go."

Today, clearly it was their compassion that was front and center.  "There`s no way that you can help too much," said Glenn.

Good food. Good company. Good neighbors.  Thank goodness for guys like these!

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