Lawsuit filed against Arkema after several first responders injured in Crosby chemical plant explosion

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HOUSTON -- A lawsuit was filed Thursday against Arkema Inc., after attorneys said hazardous chemicals from a plant explosion in Crosby, Texas left several first responders sick and injured.

"From doubling over to vomiting, to chemical bronchitis. They're still being treated. We had a client go back today for a third or fourth visit. It's not something that should happen when you go to work to protect your community," attorney Misty Hataway-Cone said.

The plaintiffs are seeking their own investigation to find out exactly what sort of chemicals these first responders were exposed to and whether or not, Arkema has been keeping up with safety prevention protocols over the years.

"This is not the first time a hurricane has hit the Gulf Coast. It's up to the chemical manufacturers to have a plan so that they can foresee the natural disaster and then prepare for it. And obviously, in this particular situation, we know that they were not prepared for it," attorney Mo Aziz said.

The attorneys said the first responders were inside their vehicles and outside the 1.5-mile mandatory evacuation zone when they were exposed, meaning, they were supposedly in a safe zone when they started feeling the toxic effects.

"They were within what should have been a safe zone, they've all told me that. They were either outside or immediately, to secure the zone, or driving to it," Hataway-Cone said.

Attorney Kim Spurlock said a judge has granted a temporary restraining order to prevent any past documents or evidence that would indicate Arkema's safety testing and protocols. An injunction hearing has been scheduled for September 22nd.


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