California billionaire businessman donates $5 million to city of Houston Harvey relief fund

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HOUSTON -- About a dozen fans line the inside of James Gleaves' Memorial home, hoping to dry out the eight plus inches of water that seeped in after Hurricane Harvey.

"We actually built this house with the intention of avoiding the flood. About a foot and a half higher than a lot of the houses in the neighborhood. During the actual storm, we had water in the street," Gleaves said. "It was not in our house, but when the reservoirs began their discharge, the waters started rising. And when the second reservoir kicked in, the water rose above our threshold and flowed into our house."

As a result, all of his floor boards, sheet rock and some furniture had to be tossed out in his front yard, joining a street full of debris piles-- a sight that's become all-too familiar in neighborhoods all across the city.

"It's really been amazing the help that we've seen from neighbors, from friends. Any contribution helps," Gleaves said.

On Monday, the generosity of strangers continued. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced another $5 million donation from California billionaire businessman, Hoang Kieu.

"It's going to take the generosity of others like Mr. Hoang to assist us in rebuilding and moving forward," Turner said.

"Thanks to the high spirits of the San Jose people, as well as all of you here, we are able to fix the problem. We are able to resolve at least a few thousand homes," Keiu said.

With the help of others, Gleaves and thousands of other displaced from their homes can start to rebuild their lives and get back to normal.

"It's a slow process and it's going to take a lot of work. Now we just gotta work to get back to normal," Gleaves said.