Harris County approves application for pre-Harvey FEMA buyouts

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - An application for a federal grant aimed at buying out homeowners whose properties have been repeatedly hit by floods was approved Tuesday by Harris County commissioners. The applications seek funding for the acquisition and removal of up to 104 homes.

The grant program will provide up to 100% reimbursement for all eligible costs under the grant for structures meeting FEMA's severe repetitive loss criteria. Homes meeting the repetitive loss criteria will require a 10 percent local match. The first 51 applications will only include SRL and RL homes.

Structures that fail to meet either criteria but are located within a floodplain and that have a current flood insurance policy will require a 25 percent local match.

If awarded by FEMA, the Harris County Flood Control District will request permission to accept the grant awards at a future Commissioners Court agenda.

Funding for the local match and relocation costs will be limited to the District's available capital funding.

The period of the grant ends in January 30, 2021.