Hurricane Critter News: Flamingos, gators, catfish and more come out during Irma, while horses from Harvey need a home

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TAMPA, Flor. - It's time for Critter News....hurricane edition!

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida, folks in the Sunshine State had to act fast to save the critters in Irma's these precious flamingos.

"Moving all the flamingos for the hurricane," a worker exclaims while shoot video of the birds forming a perfect single file line.

Yep, workers at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay had to evacuate their prized flamingos and relocate them to a shelter ahead of the storm.

These flamingos really showed off their style in orderly fashion!

Meanwhile....over at Gator Land in Miami....

"We've been handling hurricanes here at Gator Land since 1949!" an enthusiastic worker named Mark says during a posted video while preparing for the storm. "It ain't our first rodeo! Yeah, we've seen a bunch of it. All of our venomous snakes-- we'll take them and double wrap them. We'll double-wrap them and put them into enclosures and lock them inside rooms so they won't get away."

"But the alligators and crocodiles-- they've been fighting hurricanes and big ole storms for about 65 million years," Mark continues. "They know what to do about it!"

Well, over in Melbourne, Florida.....this big fella decided to cross the road when Irma hit!

See ya later, alligator!

And over in Fort Myers.....look what washed up.

"Fishing in the driveway-- Hurricane Irma," homeowner Chris Argiro yells while showing off his daily catch right outside his doorstep.

Yep, armored catfish were found swimming in the streets....even in people's driveways during the storm!

But over in Manatee County, Florida, a pair of manatees washed up on dry land.

Thankfully, a couple of good Samaritans stepped in to help rescue the beached mammals.

Some wildlife experts joined them in rolling the manatees onto a tarp and into a nearby channel.

Finally....hold your horses!

Back in H-Town, the Houston SPCA transported dozens of horses rescued from the Brazos County Expo in Bryan-College Station.

If you have a horse missing from Hurricane Harvey, be sure to check out the HSPCA website to see if one of these critters is yours.

Officials say unclaimed horses will be put up for adoption after 30 days, so stop horsing around!