Marriage proposal goes viral because the ring goes over a bridge

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ask any married couple, they rarely forget the moment they got engaged.  For a Missouri couple, the moment is even more memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

After dating four years, Seth Dixon took his girlfriend, Ruth, to their favorite spot in Kansas City on top of a bridge.

"I knew it was a good spot for us," he said.

Ruth added, "It's been a long, ongoing talk. I was just waiting for that moment."

Down on one knee. Cue the romantic music.  About to pop the question. The only thing that popped, was the ring!!!

Ruth said, "And of course I looked over the bridge and I'm like it really did fall. I heard the plop of the ring and I'm like, oh no."

"That face," Seth said. "I was just completely shocked."

Of course, the video's gone viral.  The next day about 30 friends took the plunge under the bridge and tried to find it, but no such luck.

Seth may have dropped the ring, but Ruth didn't drop Seth. In fact, one of their friends set up a Go Fund Me page to help them buy a new ring, for a do-over.

"I mean we really didn't finish the proposal so, I mean, I hope he would propose again," she said.

No doubt he will, only this time, nowhere near water!

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