Mexico rescinds offer to help Texas post-Harvey as it deals with its own back-to-back natural disasters

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HOUSTON -- Whether you attribute the recent flooding to climate change, global warming, or just bad luck, one thing is certain. There has been one disaster after another.

The U.S. is focusing nearly all its attention on Texas and Florida after two hurricanes. Harvey even prompted Mexico to offer emergency aid to Texas.  Now, according to the Mexican Foreign Ministry, the offer`s been rescinded.

Mexico`s suffering, too, dealing with back-to-back natural disasters.  Last Thursday's 8.1 magnitude earthquake rippled through Mexico's southern coast, striking an impoverished area and killing nearly a 100.  On average, the world only sees about one quake this powerful every year. Mexico hasn`t had a tremor like this for a century!  At the same time, Hurricane Katia struck the gulf coast state of Veracruz. But north of the border, Mexico seems to be an after thought.

By some accounts, President Trump never accepted Mexico's offer to help after Harvey.  Mexico's government says it will now channel all available support to its own communities.  The foreign ministry issued a statement about taking back its original offer.

"The decision was taken in light of the changed circumstances in both countries, and the fact that the need for help in Texas had diminished."

Political or not, these natural disasters have created all sorts of unnatural needs on both sides of the border.

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