Houstonians say ‘show me the money’ when it comes to Harvey Relief

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HOUSTON -- Everyone say it with me! Living in a disaster area suuuuckksss!!!! And so many Houstonians can't go another second without some sort of relief.

FEMA along with the U.S. Small Business Administration set up centers in Baytown, Greenspoint and Katy to answer any assistance-related questions and help with filling out applications. But what folks really want to say is, “Show me the money!”

If quick cash is what you need and you've been displaced, your home is underwater, or live in one of the 39 counties listed on the American Red Cross website. You might be eligible for $400 worth of assistance. But be patient! The site has been down due to high traffic for some time now.

The IRS says you can also grab some cash out of your 401k and other retirement accounts without penalty. But the cash withdrawal is more like a loan. The money needs to be taken out by the end of January 2018. And to not pay taxes or an early withdrawal fee, the loan will have to be paid back within 5 years.

The money is there folks, question is, are you willing to jump through hoops to get it?