Singer Randy Travis files federal lawsuit over nude dash cam footage from his 2012 DWI arrest

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SANGER, Texas -- The life of country singer Randy Travis is starting to seem like the perfect C&W song.  He sings about diggin` up bones, but he sues over some skeletons in his own closet.

Travis was arrested in Sanger, near Dallas, for driving while intoxicated back in 2012. But the question is, how drunk do you have to be to crash your Trans Am, then try to walk into a convenience store stark naked?

Dash cam footage of the arrest exists, but there`s been a dog fight about whether it can be released to the media.  Several Texas courts say portions are fair game (just the portions shot above the waist)!

But Travis says those rulings just aren't good enough. Now he`s filed a suit in federal court over privacy rights. Travis is going over the Texas judges' heads, saying he was exhausted, intoxicated and medicated at the time. And he`s says releasing the video is just like releasing private medical records.

Nudity aside, apparently the singer can be heard cursing the officers and wishing they get cancer. He also allegedly threatened to shoot one with 60 rounds and bury him under a barn.

Sounds like he wants to bury this footage forever and ever.

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