Caught on Camera: SC town mayor pulled over for alleged DUI driving a lawn mower but gets off ‘scot-free’

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HORRY COUNTY, South Carolina - Talk about being 'mowed over!'A South Carolina man was caught on dashcam video behind the wheel-- allegedly driving while intoxicated-- on a major roadway. The thing is, he was driving a lawn mower!

And while it may not be against the law to mow your lawn at night, it is against the law to drive your mower down a main street-- with an open beer can in tow-- and not pull over for the police.

The speedy mower led Horry County police officers on a two-minute low-speed chase!

"Did you see the blue lights on behind you?" an officer asked the man after pulling him over. "You just kept driving."

"I went to go fill up the gas," the man replied. "I saw the blue lights, and I pulled over."

But get this-- turns out -- the mow master is actually the town mayor and the county schools chief financial officer-- John Gardner!

"You know who I am?" Gardner asked the officers.

"I know you," a male officer responded.

"I'm just trying to get home," Gardner continued.

"I understand. How far do you live from here?" the officer asked him.

The mowing mayor didn't like how the female officer summed up the whole episode, either.

"Got your Miller Lite can drinking, going down the road," she stated on the dashcam footage.

Well, despite the police threatening to call in backup, the mayor beat the wrap on this one and didn't even get a ticket!

"I mean, because if it was me driving that car even though I'm a police officer, you know what I'm saying, I'd be on the news," the male officer told Gardner during his traffic stop. "I'd hate to see you on the news."

Dude, guess what -- you made it to the news!

And folks on social media wanna know: how did the mayor mow away without facing any charges?!

As one person put it, what a grass-hole!

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