Red Cross keeps GRB shelter open for now, while some hurl strong accusations about shelter conditions

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HOUSTON - It was rumored to be closing time for Harvey evacuees staying at the George R. Brown Convention Center shelter.

"'Cuz I think we're supposed to be out of her by 7 tomorrow," shelter evacuee Robert Schexneyder said.

But someone must have had a change of heart because instead of packing everyone up, the Red Cross is keeping evacuees in place for at least a couple more days until a new shelter can be secured.

"We're gonna stay here until we find a new shelter," American Red Cross spokesman Fred Mariscal confirmed. "We're working on finding a new shelter. Obviously, the security and safety and comfort of the residents is our utmost priority."

But some displaced residents say staying at the GRB is almost like jail!

"It's horrible! The frisking everyday...feel like I was in jail. The food was like jailhouse food," shelter resident Lacretia Thomas shared. "It wasn't really what I expected."

With over $300 million raised for the Red Cross Harvey effort, and the GRB folks still displaced-- some storm victims feel they are being victimized all over again....and have some hefty accusations.

"Red Cross is stealing from donations," Thomas declared. "They're putting it in their pocket for themselves."

"Well, they're doing something with it. They ain't giving it to us," Schexneyder added.

But at least some Red Cross volunteers disagree.

"Ninety-one cents of every dollar is gonna go back to the people here that were affected by Harvey," Mariscal insisted.

As a visiting physician from Rhode Island volunteering for the Red Cross-- Kathleen O'Rourke-- put it, "Somebody's doing a great job so far, that I can see."

A lot of folks hope that job gets even better!

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