Gov. Abbott to tap into ‘rainy day fund,’ seeks over $50 billion in federal housing aid

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AUSTIN, Texas — Rainy days seem to get just about everyone down, including our state government.

And maybe that's why leaders have been so reluctant to dip into Texas' rainy day fund for Harvey relief.

But let's face it, if Harvey wasn't the definition of a need for a rainy day fund, what on Earth is?

Well, at least Gov. Greg Abbott is finally ready to reach into the state's Economic Stabilization Fund and dig out some relief!

"Texas will be tapping into the rainy day fund," the governor explained during a recent press conference in San Antonio. "The important thing, though, is that we address the economic issues appropriately."

Still, the governor says he doesn't have to call another special session to tap into the funding relief.

But that giant cookie jar may not be enough to get Texans back on their feet.

The governor has hinted that he plans on seeking more than $50 billion in federal aid for housing relief in the Lone Star State.

Governor Abbott points out that displaced residents can get immediate relief from community development grants, which are designed to cover long-term housing needs as well as temporary costs while homes are repaired.

The governor says nearly 4,000 Texas homes and facilities still don't have power, and 52 schools across the state are still unable to re-open.

The governor has indicated that the White House and Congress may grant Texas three more federal aid packages in relief before the end of the year.

If that happens, the state's rainy day fund may not get used much, after all.

Then again, you never know when we might have another rainy day.

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