Booker T and “Reality of Wrestling” joins the Fite Harvey Fundraiser

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HOUSTON -- After the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, the reality for a lot of kids and families in southeast Texas was tough to handle...

But Booker T and his Reality of Wrestling is working to change that.

Wrestling promotion put on a special charity event Saturday to raise funds for teachers who are working to provide some sense of stability for kids after the storm.

"We selected donors choose dot org because that's actually public school teachers who lost everything in the hurricane. They're able to go to donors choose dot org and list the items that they lost and how much it will cost to recover it, so we're trying to help the kids as well, we're going to donate money to that," Booker T said. "We sold a lot of tickets for the show and we told everybody that we're going to do a free show... everyone said keep the money we're going to donate it."

There were even a few teachers in the crowd for the event, but they didn't come alone.

Nothing like some action in the squared circle to bring some much-needed smiles to those who haven't had much to smile about lately.