Evacuees at George R. Brown moved to Chinese Community Center

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By: Jerome Bailey Jr. 

HOUSTON -- It's been a tough road for many Hurricane Harvey survivors to get settled.

After heading to the George R. Brown Convention Center for shelter they're on the move again, but this time it's to the Chinese Community Center and the HCC Warehouse south of NRG park.

"It's not what I want but I thank God that I have it," said evacuee Eric Roberson.

The American Red Cross says they relocated around 200 people to the community center in west Houston.

"We know these are challenging times and we just want to make their stay here as easy as possible," said Rick Harvey of the American Red Cross.

Harvey says the facility will remain open to those in need as long as the Chinese Community Center  allows them to be there.

Roberson was transported to the new shelter on Sunday night. He says he has enjoyed his stay, for the most part.

"On a scale from one to 10, I'll give them a seven and a half," said Roberson.

This isn't his first go around with transferring from shelter to shelter. He also was displaced after Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

Another issue is that Harvey survivors say they aren't getting the $400 of financial assistance promised by the Red Cross to families who survived the flood.

"We have been working really hard behind the scenes with some organizations and companies to make sure when that website comes back up, that it will not fail again," Harvey explained.

The organization says the system was overloaded and went down last week, but they are planning to launch a new website Thursday which should be able to handle the high volume of applications.