Saluting two Harvey heroes from Fort Bend County

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FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - Texas heroics were on display for the whole country to see throughout Hurricane Harvey.

In one example, a lieutenant with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department was flooded in his West Oaks Village subdivision. It was 3 a.m. and he needed help getting to work.

"In order for us to be successful in what was fixin' to come up, we needed to have him here," said Deputy Wyatt Schoppe, FBCSO.

To help his lieutenant, Schoppe didn't hesitate to risk his own safety in a borrowed jeep. Neither did Deputy Hector Barajas, who said, "I don't feel like a hero."

After a 12-hour shift, Barajas headed home around 6 a.m. that floody Sunday,  just as Harvey's devastation was coming to full light. the lieutenant called because, during the three hours he was on the job, the water rose a lot. Now his house was going under with his wife inside.

Call it a premonition or just preparation, but Barajas hitched his boat to the back of his truck before going to work. He immediately set off to save his boss's wife.

"I was able to put the front of my boat touching the front door of his house and it was still floating. I helped get his wife in the boat and he asked me, 'my neighbors across the street are elderly, can we help them out, too?' I says, 'sure. we've got room."'

Barajas made three boat trips back and forth throughout the day, rescuing several families from his lieutenant's neighborhood.  Wearing fishing waders and a raincoat, no one even knew he was part of law enforcement. He was simply their hero in a boat.

"I wish I had been able to help more," Barajas said.

One sign of a true hero? He doesn't think he is one, but we all do!

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