Deadly earthquake leaves over 225 dead, but at least 52 survivors pulled from rubble in Mexico City

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MEXICO CITY, Mexico -- It's a race against time in Mexico!

The deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake has left a trail of destruction and devastation, with at least 225 people dead, including 21 children at an elementary school that collapsed during the quake in the Capitol City.

About 4 million people are without electricity due to the destruction.

Sadly, one of Mexico City's poorest neighborhoods, Xochimilco, was hit especially hard.

"The city is devastated!" Houstonian Sergio Ledesma declared. "I've never seen Mexico City like that before."

But the race is on to remove rubble where any survivors may still be found.

So far, at least 52 people have been pulled out alive from the rubble, according to reports.

At the Mexico Consulate in Houston, many folks are concerned about loved ones in Mexico City.

"His father told me there's some people that got burned because somewhere got like an explosion or something like that," Veronica Peneda shared what she heard from family members.

Ledesma is worried sick over his lost cousin who is missing.

"We're starting to lose hope, honestly, since it's been almost 24 hours," he revealed. "And we just hope if she's not in the hospital, she can at least be found, of course."

Some of his friends have traveled to the scene.

"Most of them are volunteering trying to help as much as they can-- even moving rubble, trying to get food out to people," he said. "It's been crazy."

President Trump tweeted after the quake, "God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you."

Ironically, this quake came just as the Mexican people were pausing to remember another earthquake that claimed thousands of lives.

As Ledesma put it, "Coming on the 32nd anniversary of the one we had in 1985, it took us all by surprise."