Arizona Razorbacks to wear Dallas Cowboy uniforms during the 2017 Southwest Classic

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - You’re not going to believe this -- it's the True Texas Rivalry of the century!!!

The Aggies of Texas A&M are on the gridiron in the house that Jerry built, AT&T Stadium, this weekend against the Da` Boys themselves.

OK, not really. But Arkansas' Razorbacks are throwing their jerseys back so far. They're wearing exact replicas of the cowboy’s uniforms.

So they might be razor red, but the hogs are putting on the gear as a nod to Arkansas alum Jerry Jones being inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Wonder what the Ags are going to wear? The Good Bull Hunting blog suggests an Oiler throwback would fit just nicely and, honestly, we agree.

Picture maroon stripes wrapped in a sea of baby blue, an oil derrick gushing into the A&M team logo and Coach Kevin Sumlin paying homage to once Aggie Assistant Bum Phillips -- all decked out in the Houston oilman's tuxedo.

We'll give a whoop! To that, Gig` em Oilers and Luv Ya Maroon.

Just hope the game is as good as our True Texas Rivalry dreams.