Klein HS student desperately trying to replace beloved instrument destroyed by Harvey

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KLEIN, Texas - Remember the 'Class Acts' student Kyle Victor, who became a stand-out at Klein High School thanks to his amazing cello playing?

"When I get into the music, I can express myself in ways that I wouldn't be able to without my instrument. I feel like myself," Kyle told NewsFix last February while playing his beloved cello.

Well, unfortunately, Kyle's expression has been silenced by a storm.

Thanks to Harvey, Kyle's prized cello-- along with most of his home-- got completely wiped out!

"Of course, like I really loved it, performing and playing with it," Kyle lamented.

Sadly, flood insurance does not cover musical instruments, so now the new cello Kyle got last year is completely ruined-- and the senior has no way of replacing it.

"I ran to the room, and I woke him up-- and I said, 'We gotta get out of here. There's water in this house,'" Kyle's mom, Colette, recalled. "And the first thing he said was, 'My cello!' And I ran to where I knew the cello was-- and it had already floated from where he said it was with the bow. And I picked it up, and I'm just shaking it to get all this water out of it because my first instinct is that  'Okay, we can fix this.'"

But that wasn't the case-- and Kyle's mom still had not even finished paying for it!

"The cello that I owned -- it was made from like rare Brazilian wood," Kyle explained.

Losing it has been tough.

Just as before the storm, Kyle's rock remains his devoted mom.

"When I see how he's moved from starting to play the cello and the progression and the success he's had, I can't look at it as a talent, it's a gift because it's natural," Colette said. "Whenever you think of Kyle or you hear 'Kyle Victor,' the next thing that comes to your mind is 'cello.'"

And Kyle's pursuit of his passion has marveled his mom.

"And as I begin to educate myself on the instrument, I realized this is rare. This is unique," his mom reflected. "And I said, 'Well okay, you're gonna be the baddest cellist!'"

But without his instrument, Kyle just doesn't feel like himself.

Now...his mom has created a Go-Fund-Me page to help raise money to replace Kyle's prized cello.

"It's almost like getting a new pet," Kyle reasoned. "It won't always replace the old one, but it can still like hold a special place in your heart."

And that would be music to everyone's ears!

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