Customer gets bitten by snake three times inside Longhorn Steakhouse in Virginia

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SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. - Talk about grabbing a bite!

When a woman went to a Longhorn Steakhouse in Virginia for a bite, she had no idea she would be the one bitten.

....And by a poisonous snake!

And not just once.

Not twice.

But three times!

Yep, the single mom-- Rachel Myrick-- was out with her family when she got bit by a Copperhead three times after walking through the foyer of the restaurant!

"I got snake, they got steak," Myrick said.

"Initially, it felt like I was stung by a bee or a hornet or something," she recalled.

She says the pain then became excruciating.

"I reached down and grabbed my foot because of the amount of pain-- and under my fingers felt it wiggle," Myrick described.

Her boyfriend and 13-year-old son immediately started stomping on the snake to kill it.

"He's like that's a Copperhead. We need to call 911," she added.

Her entire leg ended up bruised and purple, with her spending five and a half days in the hospital getting anti-venom treatment.

"The nausea was horrible, the itching was uncontrollable," Myrick shared.

Longhorn Steakhouse issued a statement, calling the incident highly unusual.

They say they're looking into how it happened and how to prevent it in the future.

Meantime, that's not making Myrick a happy camper.

Her mobility is now limited, and doctors say she's in for at least a three-month recovery period.

"I'm doing nothing now," Myrick lamented. "So everything is swollen."

It's definitely taken a bite out of her life!

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