HISD students from 7 schools go back to class on last day of rolling starts

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HOUSTON - You know what's been going on with HISD ever since Hurricane Harvey, right?  It's been a pretty rough month. But things are looking up! Monday signifies the last day of rolling starts for seven HISD schools. Meaning, kids are going back to class,  even if it's not the classrooms they were used to.

"Seems like a new opportunity in a different environment with some familiar faces," said Kolter Elementary School dad Adrian Harris.

Kolter, located in the heart of Meyerland, was decimated by the flood. The school's entire student body --- teachers, administrators, even the Kolter Panda --- now take up residency inside what used to be Gordon Elementary. The campus was vacant because it was going to be torn down, but not now -- at least, not for this school year.

Kolter mom, Ancida McHenry said, "I think some normalcy is exactly what everybody needs."

It's probably better to call this a new normal for Kolter families, and the other campuses being housed in alternative locations.  Most kids are excited. For 5th grader Yuval Cohen, the jury's still out.  He said, "Kind of. Maybe. I think so."

The schools getting back in session will have longer days to make up for the lost days.

These HISD-7 happen to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Little Rock 9; the first black students to integrate an Arkansas public high school in 1957. After the Supreme Court heard Brown vs. The Board of Education and struck down segregation, the Arkansas National Guard tried to keep the students out. President Dwight Eisenhower sent federal troops to escort the students in.

Eight of the surviving nine returned to the campus on this anniversary. They will always be considered pioneers.

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