Houston SPCA continues to reunite Harvey-displaced pets, owners as city recovers 

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HOUSTON, TX – AUGUST 30: A cat tries to find dry ground around an apartment complex after it was inundated with water following Hurricane Harvey on August 30, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Harvey, which made landfall north of Corpus Christi August 25, has dumped nearly 50 inches of rain in and around Houston. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

HOUSTON — The Houston SPCA continued its work Monday of caring for and reuniting the more than 1,200 companion animals, horses and farm animals rescued during Harvey’s aftermath. The organization reports more than 200 animals have already been reconnected with their owners and more reunions expected in the coming weeks.

“Losing a pet in an unprecedented catastrophe like this one is very difficult for pet owners and we don’t want them to give up hope,” said Houston SPCA President Patricia Mercer. “The effort is enormous, but we’re doing everything we can to ensure displaced animals in our care are reunited with their families.”

Owners still searching for their animals after Harvey are encouraged to visit http://www.HoustonSPCA.org/harvey.  Those who see a match or have a question should call 713-869-7722 and provide the Pet ID number that corresponds with the photo on the website for further assistance.

Hundreds of animals rescued by the Houston SPCA are also being cared for and treated at veterinary clinics under Operation Reunite through a partnership with the Texas Veterinarian Medical Association. After 30 days, focused efforts will begin on adopting or fostering animals displaced by the storm.

An additional resource includes the free app, Finding Rover, which uses facial recognition technology to reunite animals with their owners.   Pet owners can use the app to upload a picture of their lost animal while other users can upload pictures of animals they have found. Those pictures are scanned through all the “lost” photos and then matched based on the technology before the owner is notified.

Mercer also suggests those willing to provide a temporary home for a displaced pet to visit www.FosteraHurricanePet.org, a neighbor-to-neighbor platform that connects people in need with those who want to foster a Harvey animal.

Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas has rescued or taken in more than 700 wildlife animals including rare birds, mammals and reptiles, most notably an endangered, 90-pound alligator snapping turtle that has since been returned to Buffalo Bayou.  The Wildlife Center continues to care for and release these native wildlife that were waterlogged or seriously injured when they arrived.

In addition to caring for companion animals, horses and farm animals, the Houston SPCA is the main distribution hub for pet supplies for individuals, shelters, rescues and other organizations needing assistance.

Since Harvey, Houston SPCA has distributed in excess of 40 tons of supplies to Harris County Public Libraries, the Houston Food Bank and our neighbors throughout the community.

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