Houston mother files multi-million dollar lawsuit after apartment fire kills 2-year-old daughter

HOUSTON -- A Houston mother has filed a lawsuit against her apartment complex, after her two-year-old daughter was killed during an apartment fire last week.

Her attorney, Tony Buzbee, said the woman is seeking up to $25 million from Jaw Equity Management, LLC and Jaw the Lodge, LLC-- the owners and management team-- and is demanding a jury trial.

"It wasn't a place that she moved into thinking she was putting her two kids in danger. We'll be trying to establish that the apartment owners and management company was negligent. The hope is that raising awareness will perhaps keep it from happening again," Buzbee said.

According to court documents, the Lodge Apartments on Corporate Drive did not have the proper, functioning fire safety equipment-- something her attorney said could have prevented her child's death.

"This particular apartment complex was required to have a fire extinguisher system, it did not have that and it did not have working smoke detectors. The law requires smoke detectors and it requires working fire extinguishers and we believe had the apartment complex owner and the operator done what they were supposed to do, this child would not have perished or died," Buzbee said.

Investigators still don't know what started the fire.

Newsfix reached out to the management team and defendants of this lawsuit for comment but did not hear back.

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