KISS makes rock and roll dreams come true for Kingwood High School students

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SUGAR LAND, Texas -- "I want to rock and roll all nite!" the band KISS sang.

And that's exactly what students from Kingwood High School did last night after meeting rock legends KISS in person at the band's concert in Sugar Land!

The Kingwood dance and drill team even prepared a special routine for the band's iconic hit.

"It was just so much fun getting this opportunity!" Kendall Burton shared afterwards. "Like, it's not everyday you get this amazing chance to dance with KISS, like oh my gosh! A girl can dream!"

Many of the Kingwood kids were sky-high over just one thing.

"We're about to meet KISS for the first time, and really excited about it!" Tyler Merkley declared along with some of his classmates.

"Meeting Gene Simmons!" some other classmates cheered. "Oh, yes! Legend!"

And the 'God of Thunder' himself, Mr. Simmons, graced the crowd with his presence along with his band mates for a special meet-and-greet!

Even Sugar Land Mayor Joe Zimmerman got into the KISS spirit by wearing full makeup to welcome the band.

"It was a little bit different than anything I've ever done before," Zimmerman admitted. "When I first got a look at it, I was like--  Wow! He did my hair. My hair doesn't really look like that most of the time!"

The legendary band chose to turn their Sugar Land concert into a benefit for Kingwood High School...which is still reeling after unbelievable flood damage from Harvey.

The KISS concert kicked off a fundraising campaign to replace the high school's destroyed band and orchestra musical instruments and theatre department equipment.

"So, we set up a link for you to donate to bring music back to Houston," KISS front man Paul Stanley announced to the crowd. "Back to Kingswood High School."

The band also celebrated military service members on-hand for the show as well.

It was a night these kids will never forget!

And of course, it was sealed with a KISS!