Caught on Camera: Small shark latches onto fisherman’s stomach and won’t let go!

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CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - Know what can cause a really bad tummy ache? A shark!

"Get the damn thing off of me!" Ervin McCarty screamed after having a shark latch onto his stomach and not let go.

A two-to three- foot nurse shark turned the poor guy's tummy into shark bait after he dove about 12 feet down to fetch a fish a buddy had speared.

"I turned to go back up for air, and something hit me in the stomach," McCarty recalled. "I didn't know if somebody kicked me or what, but whatever hit me was biting on to me."

"Hold him still, hold him still!" McCarty's friends cried out during the incident, which was caught on camera.

By the time the fisherman got to the surface, he realized he had some extra baggage in tow.

"I had to grab it by both hands, keep it from shaking and get up for air at the same time," McCarty said.

The shark just would not let go!

"Come on, Johnny! Come on. Stab him or something," another friend called out in the video.

By then, McCarty had a whale of a belly ache!

"I was out of breath. It was wearing me out, took everything I had to keep it from shaking," he described.

The only way they finally got the shark off was by stabbing it and letting it bleed.

"Erv, I'm bleeding him out," his friend tells him in the video. "You just gonna have to lay there for a minute and let him bleed out."

Even that took forever as the shark dug in for six more minutes before finally letting go, but then, the beast bit him again!

McCarty screamed feverishly as the shark sank its jaws into another part of his stomach again. Luckily, the shark finally gave up.

"Awww, poor little guy," McCarty's friends yelled as the little beast was pulled off of him.

Now McCarty is nursing quite a scar and quite a fish tale about the one that just wouldn't go away!

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