WATCH LIVE: Chief Art Acevedo discusses viral Snapchat shooting video arrest

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HOUSTON– Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo held a press conference Tuesday, to discuss the arrests of Michael Anthony Cuellar, 29, and girlfriend Sierra V. Tarbutton, 27.

The couple are accused of firing guns into a west Houston neighborhood while recording the incident on Snapchat.

Cuellar turned himself in to law enforcement Tuesday after his alleged cohort was arrested the morning before. The couple is charged with felony criminal mischief and felony deadly conduct.

Court documents said Cuellar is an accused drug dealer and local rapper, who goes by the name ‘Money Mike.’

[WARNING: The following video contains language and other content that may be inappropriate for some viewers.]

Tarbutton had been out on deferred adjudication after being charged with retaliation and harassment of a public servant in a prior incident.

Prosecutors said she claimed to know cartel members and has threatened the lives of a police officer’s daughters in the past. Tarbutton is quoted in court documents saying,”that is two cute little girls, those are going to be two cute little tombstones.”

Records show Tarbutton has prior convictions including a DWI in January 2016 and hinder apprehension in September 2010.

The Houston Police Department received multiple calls from concerned residents after the disturbing Snapchat video surfaced on the popular internet forum Reddit on Sept. 27. Investigators were able to identify the suspects using multiple social media platforms and prior mugshots.

In the three videos shared by Reddit user “Harriscope,” a young man armed with a handgun and woman carrying a loaded semi-automatic weapon are seen driving through a neighborhood while firing numerous shots outside the car window. The duo appears to be smiling and laughing as they cruise through what appears to be Memorial Drive near Crossroads Drive in Houston.

Investigators have identified the weapon Tarbutton allegedly used as a Masterpiece Arms MPA30T semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine and fake suppressor attached to the muzzle, according to court documents.

Multiple complaints have come forward since the shooting; including several residents looking to pursue charges and a business owner claiming $33,0000 store sign was permanently damaged.

Police said no one was injured during the shooting.

HPD is asking anyone with information regarding the video or the suspects to call them at 713-884-3131.