More kids getting sick after Harvey, exposure to mold could be to blame

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HOUSTON-- Nearly a month after Hurricane Harvey hit, doctors say they're getting an influx of sick kids.

"We are seeing an increasing number of ear infections, asthma flaring up, wheezing, congestion, fever, so I'm thinking a lot kids got exposed to homes which were underwater. A lot of kids are getting sick now and that is unusual this early into the school year," Dr. Sangeeta Agrawala with the Texas Family Pediatric Group in Missouri City said.

Dr. Agrawala believes the exposure to molds are reason to blame.

"Any time you create dampness inside the house and the offices, inside and indoors, that creates molds. And a lot of kids when they went back to school, they came home sick," Dr. Agrawala said.

Health experts said kids, especially those with asthma, can start showing allergic reactions even if they are exposed to molds for just a short amount of time. And being around a bunch of other sick kids doesn't help.

"When they're exposed to other kids, they're usually getting viruses, but when they are getting exposed to molds, that's more like allergies," Dr. Agrawala said.

To minimize the risk of getting sick, Dr. Agrawala recommends wearing a mask if you must be in the vicinity of a place that has mold. Otherwise, she said it's best to avoid those places altogether.


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