Thousands of volunteers needed for Hurricane Harvey rebuilding phase

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HOUSTON-- Volunteer Megan Oakland is one of many volunteers throughout the Houston area who are helping homeowners recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Through organizations like Volunteer Houston and Disaster Aid USA, Megan and others like her have been able to keep the "Houston Strong" motto alive.

"I already been through this once before during Katrina. I was on the other side when people were coming and helping us. Now it's good to be on that other side now and feel what it's like to help people who appreciate it and need it," said Oakland.

Thousands of volunteers immediately flocked to Houston a month ago for Hurricane Harvey relief but that help slowly begin to taper off as the water dissipated.

Volunteer Houston sent out requests urging more volunteers to sign up for the post Harvey rebuilding phase.

Homeowner Ida Colston told NewsFix that she doesn't know where she would be without the volunteers.

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