Upstate New York man giving away $50,000 to random strangers

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TROY, N.Y. — Jeff Buell wants to give you his money. No, this is not a joke!

"This is a capital region project," Buell said. "It's meant to infuse capital region happiness all over."

Yep, this guy from upstate New York has a vision: he wants to make people happier.

And that's why Jeff walks up to complete strangers and surprises them with free $100 bills.

He's got $50,000 to throw away, and he wants to pass it all out within a year!

So, what made Jeff want to give all his money away?

"There's just a lot of chaos, it's on everybody's TV screens every day, and I just got frustrated with it," he shared.

So what better way to spread happiness than by spreading cold cash?!

Just like that— he gives it away.

No strings attached, except for just one thing...

"The only thing I want in return for that hundred dollars, is for you to be kind to people today," Jeff told a stranger he gave a hundred-dollar bill to.

Yeah, he wants you to be nice to people.

Jeff calls his money mission 'Do The Next Good Thing.'

"You get what you give in this world," he said. "Just be a decent human being."

Now that's making the world a better place, one Benjamin at a time!

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