VP Pence catching heat after NFL game protest

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INDIANAPOLIS — If you thought the White House standoff with the NFL was over, think again.

The controversy over NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem reared its ugly head on Sunday when Vice-President Mike Pence walked out of Lucas Oil Stadium at a 49ers-Colts game.

The Vice-President tweeted he did not want to 'dignify' the protest by some 49er players who were kneeling, so he left the game early and stormed off.

Critics are blasting Pence for wasting tax payer dollars for the trip, which is estimated to have cost $243,000 bucks alone just for the services of Air Force Two.

Plus, tack on the costs of Secret Service and advance support crews.

"He has his right just like people have the right to protest," one Indy fan at the game said.

Well, President Trump is taking credit for the Pence protest, tweeting he had asked his No. 2 to ditch the game if he saw a demonstration.

The president added, "the trip by VP Pence was long planned."

But perhaps the protest was, too.

Some journalists in the VP media pool were alerted Pence may have "an early departure from the game."

"The last time he was at a Colts game was three years ago," 49ers Safety Eric Reid told reporters after the game. "So, this looks like a PR stunt to me."

But NFL critics say the NFL players kneeling is just a stunt as well.

"The problem is is that we're bringing politics into football," one fan suggested. "We go to football to get away from politics."

With the costs adding up for both sides in this fight, one can only wonder what will the final price be for the country.

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