Houston Drivers Prepare for Huge Highway Headache

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HOUSTON - There's nothing quite like the sound of twisted metal scraping across the highway to start your day! An 18-wheeler crash on the southbound lanes of the West Loop snarled traffic for hours Friday, after it spilled bales of cotton all over the road. It took men in forklifts five hours to clean up the cotton-pickin' mess!

Speaking of messes on the road, the notorious traffic cluster that is the West Loop and Interstate 69 interchange near the Galleria is about to get a whole lot worse. A huge, six-year construction project is about to get underway on one of the busiest interchanges in the entire country, come January 2018.

"We're going to increase capacity on these connector ramps," explained Tx-DOT's Danny Perez. "Right now, many of them are one lane. We're going to expand that to two lanes, and what it's going to do is improve mobility on 610 west loop and 69/59 the southwest freeway."

The $258 million project will not only increase capacity on the ramps, but make the lane-changing process safer, too.

"We'll start in different phases, so we minimize the impacts on the traveling public," said Perez.

Once 2018 rolls around, you're gonna need to research your route before you hit the road. You can find road closure updates on Houston Transtar's website and their Twitter page.

"It's going to be a lot of work, but at the end of the day, folks will be happy with what we have out here once the connector ramps are reconstructed," said Perez.

Welcome to Houston.